Mike Lowell: A New Beginning

Special For The Puerto Rico Daily Sun
FORT MYERS- After a 2007 mvp caliber season, Mike Lowell did not have last season another memorable one that he was looking for. For most of the 2008 campaign he was hurt to the point he was left off from the Boston Red Sox roster for the American League Championship Series. And in October 20th he decided on to go to surgery for a torn labrum in his right hip with well catalogued Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York.
Five months have gone in the calendar and Lowell is looking for a new beginning.
“I feel pretty good. I’m looking forward to being healthy and try to be consistent.” Lowell said. “I think my hip situation last year was something very difficult for me. It was hard to come to the park easily every day. It seems like it was a tough job to come to the park because I have to do so much for the hip. I was thinking about my hip more than thinking about my swing or the day you going to prepare for the day”.
No matter the veteran Gold-Glove third baseman have not seen a spring training game—-including the exhibition game against Puerto Rico last week—he mentioned he is very satisfied with his decision.
“I was happy I have the surgery. The rehab it have been a little tough”, Lowell admitted.
For the Red Sox, the four-time All Star is one of their main staples to return and compete for the American League East pennant against their nemesis New York Yankees and its current champs the Tampa Bay Rays. And they want him completely healthy.
Lowell pointed out that even though he would like to be ready by Opening Day in April he does not have a timetable.
“Baseball wise hitting, throwing, fielding grounballs is fine. I feel like I’m at the point were I can play ina game. Actually I feel better now than I did in the last two months of the season. But the running the bases is hard for me” Lowell said.” I still I’m not at the point wew I can basically run home to first base without pain. I think that I have to be able to do that before the Red Sox let me play in a game”.
Lowell pointed out that he would not like to return and then be hurt again.
“I don’t want to be in the opening day lineup play two weeks and then be out four weeks and so on” , Lowell said.
Lowell, 34, his situation not only have been followed closely by Red Sox Nation fans. Lowell have been in the news lately by his country of birth Puerto Rico.
Lowell was expected to be this week covering the hot corner for Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.
“It was very dissapointing. It was something I basically saw coming (after the surgery), Lowell said. “I think there was no point representing Puerto Rico if I was not going to be 100%”.
Lowell in the forerun was ineligible to play in the World Baseball Classic due he have surgery on the off season and insurance coverage issues.
“Believe me I was very much looking forward to it. I think it’s a major dissapointment for me”, Lowell added.
Lowell now that he have to watch the games on TV pointed out his rooting for Team Puerto Rico all the way.
“Definitely they will go to the second round. I assume in their pool in San Juan they will win it and also Dominican Republic”, Lowell said.
Lowell was cautious on his predictions after round 2 but emphasized that pitching will be the key for the short series at Miami’ Dolphin Stadium. By the way, Lowell is pretty sure that Manager Jose “Cheito” Oquendo squad it does count with a very good pitching staff which includes Red Sox teammates Javier Lopez and Fernando Cabrera.
Lowell pointed out that he very well know he needs a healthy season and good decent numbers. He is in his final year of his contract.
“This season is very important to me. I love Boston and I want to stay here. If not I play in Mars along their is big league baseball. After all I’m a major leaguer,” Lowell said.


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